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Cambridge Electrician Piarere

At Cambridge Electrical, each electrician on our team has experience working in the Cambridge and Hamilton areas, including in Piarere. They are also qualified and registered, plus they deliver high standards of quality on all projects they complete.

Test & Tag Service

Do you need a test & tag service for the electrical equipment in your business? This is a requirement under New Zealand’s electrical safety regulations and ensures your business is safe.

At Cambridge Electrical, we inspect and test all electrical equipment. We use the latest testing technology and the electricians on our team are qualified and experienced.

These quality standards are upheld by our quality assurance programme and are backed up by a $20,000 workmanship guarantee. We can provide this guarantee on the work we do as we are Master Electricians.

Our services

All the above means you can depend on us at Cambridge Electrical, whatever electrical requirements you have. In addition, you’ll get an affordable price. Please call us today on 07 823 1500 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Our test & tag service includes attaching a tag to each piece of equipment, plus we create a report for each test.

To book and to get a quote, please call us today on 07 823 1500.