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Hire a Certified Electrician in Hamilton

Are you looking to hire a certified electrician in Hamilton? We can help at Cambridge Electrical. We are Master Electricians plus each electrician on our team is fully trained, qualified, and certified. Our electricians are also highly experienced.

This means you can have confidence in the standards of workmanship we deliver. We are fully insured too, we work safely, and our work is backed up by a Master Electricians guarantee. This guarantee covers workmanship up to a value of $20,000, giving you peace of mind.

In addition to all the above, we also offer a full range of electrical services. This means we can handle whatever requirement you have, commercial or residential.

Our Services

We will tailor our services according to your requirements, plus we are highly flexible and adaptable. The range of services we offer includes:

Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard upgrades are one of our specialties at Cambridge Electrical, whether working on residential renovation projects or completing the upgrade of a switchboard at a commercial property. We’ll make sure you get a switchboard that meets your requirements and we will handle all the installation and testing work.

Electrical Cabling Upgrades

We upgrade cabling in homes and commercial properties too. In fact, we can modernise your electrics completely, bringing everything up to a modern standard, improving performance, and ensuring your electrics are as environmentally friendly as possible.

New Installations

Our electricians have a lot of experience working on new build projects, completing both the first fix and second fix electrics. We’ll liaise with the site foreman and project manager and will make sure our part of the project is completed according to the schedule.

Our prices are affordable too. Please contact us today on 07 823 1500 if you want to hire a certified electrician in Hamilton. We’ll discuss your requirements and will give you a free, no-obligation quote. Get in touch today.

Environmentally Friendly Electrical Solutions

Do you want to make your home or business more sustainable? Whether you are building a new property, or you want to make your existing electrics more environmentally friendly, we can help at Cambridge Electrical. We can advise on your options and will complete all the installation work. Contact us to find out more.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

You can call us whether you require residential or commercial electrical expertise. Plus, we work on both large projects and smaller jobs. So, whenever you need to hire a certified electrician in Hamilton, contact us.

Electrical Repairs

If you have a problem with the electrics in your home or business, we know you want it repaired quickly, to a high standard, and for an affordable price. Our electrical repair services are what you are looking for. Contact us today on 07 823 1500 to find out more and to get a free, no-obligation quote or estimate for the electrical repair you need.

Electrical Maintenance

Our electrical maintenance services are available throughout the Hamilton area and will ensure your electrics are safe and are operating efficiently. Regular maintenance also helps to prevent faults from occurring. Contact us on 07 823 1500 to discuss the electrical maintenance services you need.